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 The idea is to create a destination for people interested in reading widely read thoughts and observations on everything from fashion, music and TV to relationships and current affairs (perhaps less of the current affairs). I want to use this blog as a podium of self-expression and as an opportunity to absorb, understand and relate with the new important, smart and alert generation. I want to support and cultivate new talent in fashion, music, photography and even analogous writers. I consider the blog scene to be oversaturated with mediocrity, so I want to bring something new to the table, not just another cluttered online space full with page upon page of over-calculated, mindless words. I want to stimulate thought.

I’m not trying to set and determine trends and I’m certainly not taking myself too seriously. My tone will very often be sarcastic and sometimes even slightly contemptuous, I have a fondness for misadventure and awkwardness. My grammar will sometimes be wrong, but I’m confident my thinking will always be right. It may be apparent leaving comments on my posts is restricted; this is because my opinion isn’t up for debate. I reside in London, it's a pretty complicated city to live in, everyones struggling against each other for the same things, like an eight million people rat race. Not by a long sight am I a 'writer', I’m just relishing in the freedom of expression that blogging gives me, apologies in advance.